Seductive Mom

Seductive Mom

Today I gave a workshop titled “Seductive Mom”. Here’re a few tips for those who didn’t get a chance to join in.

1. How to tap into energy?

* During the first weeks after giving birth a mother needs to restore energy and get plenty of sleep. Let the baby sleep by your side, that’s what I did – my little daughter was sleeping on one side, and my husband on the other, and everybody was happy.

Make sure you don’t put the baby between you two. The first few weeks after giving birth as soon as your newborn falls asleep go to bed, too. That’s a sure way to keep postpartum fatigue at bay!

* Have a rest before you actually feel tired. Try “making-a-mother-kind” technique, taking 15 minutes each day to do the things you really enjoy – read, have a cup of tea, sing, just lie down and listen to some music. 15 minutes a day are fully yours. Each day. Before you get tired. Children will always demand attention and there will always be things to do. Don’t wait until you have free time. Take this time now.

* 15 minutes each day and… a couple of hours a week. Let Granny or a baby-sitter take care of the baby, and the evening (one or two hours) is all yours, without the husband, without the baby. When my daughter was 3 weeks old, I joined a strip dance group. My husband didn’t know about it which made it extra flavorful.

Surrounded by beautiful sleek girls, I got back in shape pretty fast to keep up with them. And an hour away made me miss my little one so much that for a week I didn’t feel like going out and enjoyed taking care of the baby.

You might meet up with your girlfriends or visit a beauty parlor – think of the things that can invigorate you and do take this time, as you won’t be able to get it back. Sleep and the time spent on yourself will leave you brimming with energy.

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Arouse Yourself

All the Secrets of Squirting Orgasm

Arouse Yourself

Squirting has become a hotly debated topic recently, and I mentioned it in some of my articles. A lot of women know about this kind of orgasm but think it’s not for them, that only porn stars are up to it, or else they are waiting for a perfect lover who will help them experience this kind of orgasm.

But the truth is that this sweetest orgasm can be experienced by every woman and, what’s most important – You can set Yourself up for it within just a couple of days!!!

What’s it like? Sometimes it is called "birth orgasm". Why? During this orgasm the woman’s intimate muscles move exactly the same way they do during childbirth!!! First the muscles of the vagina expand – at that moment the baby passes through the birth canals, and then they start moving jerkily to push it out – which is known as labor.

Nothing happens without a reason in nature! This orgasm is given to women to train the muscles for labor! Every woman can experience this orgasm, it is encoded by nature into a woman’s body, it’s the simplest and the most natural thing that can happen to a woman’s body, just like labor!!!

So why some women don’t squirt? The thing is that the first sensation You get when this orgasm is approaching is a strong urge to... pee. And women either start controlling themselves to avoid urination, tighten up – which means no orgasm, or run and pee.

But our body is made the way that we are incapable of urinating in a pre-orgasmic state, and in the toilet the woman calms down, pees and... forget about orgasm!

When You feel like peeing during arousal – it’s a signal that orgasm is about to happen, so relax instead of tightening up, as if You want to pee on the man. Remember there is no way You can pee in a pre-orgasmic state! That will help to set off orgasm.

What else can hinder this type of orgasm? Sometimes women squirt unexpectedly. But during this orgasm the urethra emits a lot of fluid (that’s why it is known as "squirting"). All the sheets get wet through.

And the worst thing is when the woman thinks she wetted herself, and if the man thought so, too, and even said so – how many sad stories I have heard from women who repressed themselves for years after that occurrence, afraid that it might happen again!!!

The urethra does emit a lot of fluid, but that is not urine! This has been proven dozens of times by researchers – clear fluid resembles men’s prostatic fluid, it has a pleasant smell, it has no color and is transparent.

This orgasm is the climax of feminine sexuality, it can last from a few minutes to an hour and more non-stop and brings a feeling of deep satisfaction and fulfillment inside, unlike a certain emptiness after clitoral orgasm.

And as every woman is naturally capable of squirting, it can be set off easily. It depends on three things: the G-spot, intimate muscles, and breathing. That’s what we’ll be focusing on.

1. The G-spot

First, squirting is caused by stimulation of the G-spot. Every woman has it!!! And it can be found easily within 10 minutes. In an aroused state, in a warm place, with Your bladder slightly filled (2 warm cups of tea and You can go for it) start fingering the front wall of the vagina, as if You’re touching the pubic bone from inside. Finger it from below upwards and find a spot which, when pressed, makes You feel like... peeing! That’s it!

And often women fail to find the G-spot, because they expect so many unusually sweet sensations from it – You will have them, but no sooner than You awaken the G-spot. And at the very beginning the sensations are likely to be very subtle, just a bit different from others: a little more pleasant or, on the contrary, unpleasant, the urge to pee a little stronger – the key word is "a little more". That is it! Everything is very simple!

But it’s not enough to find the G-spot. It’s imperative to awaken it, to make it the point that sets off orgasm. It can be done easily in three simple steps.

The first step...

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Boring New Year’s Eve? No way!

5 simple steps to create big and small love games

A beautiful naked female body and sushi, artfully arranged here and there. There’re chopsticks in the hair and wasabi where nobody has ever had it before. HE will be here in a moment!!! But… three hours pass, and HE’s nowhere in sight…

Probably You’ve seen these scenes with Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. Why did her surprise fail? And why do women setting up an erotic game with a man not always get the result they expect?

That and a lot more is what we’re going to talk about.

All right, first things first. Each game has its own logic.

For a start, visualize Yourself playing the game. Sex is magic and it’s enough to imagine something to almost make it come true. Close Your eyes for a moment and watch the video of the game starring You.

What kind of games can You visualize?

Roughly, games fall into three big groups:

+ the everyday kind that are very easy to play – “Every Day Is a Holiday”;

+ the kind that will make the man think about You for a long time – “Long-term Joint Projects”;

+ and the kind of games the man will remember for years – “Adrenaline-filled Memories”, which are played once but are very intense.

Here’re a few examples of these games within New Year’s setting...

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A Life Saver in the Waves of Autumn Mood

Visiting A Sex Shop for Toys

Visiting A Sex Shop for Toys

The door opens slowly, an extremely embarrassed woman walk into the shop, and avoiding the look of the shop assistant, shrinking up, studies the products by quick glimpses and then scurries away, pushing another visitor…

In the safety of the street, she looks back guiltily and promises herself to never, never, NEVER ever!!! go back to this awful place.

And the pleasant-looking shop assistant watches her go sadly, having missed another opportunity to tell the shopper about very exciting things she is most likely in need of.

As You have guessed, this "awful place" is a sex shop. And the picture is painfully familiar.

How do You muster up Your courage to walk inside?

First, by changing Your perspective on this kind of shops. Shop assistants in good sex shops get training. They have a lot of useful relevant information to share, and they are very eager to do that. They do it delicately and professionally.

And if You approach them with a question – You can get a real workshop, and for free. However, most of women shoppers don’t take the risk of asking questions, and shop assistants don’t get a chance to give their valuable advice.

Start by attending two or three upscale erotic boutiques just to talk to shop assistants. You’ll have such an exciting time that You’ll be surprised!

To feel more confident, You can take a friend along and ask shop assistants meticulously about new offers, the most popular ones, or just what catches Your eye.

And if You’re tempted to buy something, follow a few simple tips

1. Make sure You see the product out of its packaging, have it switched on and demonstrated.

2. Check whether You fancy the smell and the material.

3. If the batteries are non-standard (which occurs quite often at sex shops) – ask for a spare set and inquire where You can buy them.

4. Ask for details of maintenance and storage.

5. And, what’s most important, listen to Your body: if it tightens when You’re looking at the toy – don’t waste Your money; but if You get a pleasant aching in Your lower abdomen – even if You don’t know what’s it about exactly, take it. It will definitely come in handy!!!

And be sure that the shop assistant will be delighted to help You and be very grateful for getting a chance to finally share his/her knowledge!

An important requirement for a great visit to a sex shop

You need to have at least an idea of what might come in handy to You. Here You can have three groups: what You must have; what might be good just for fun; and what You can spare.

1. The essentials

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In the Dance of Pleasure... Keep the Rhythm!

In the Dance of Pleasure...

Premature ejaculation?

The man takes a long time to orgasm?

No erection?

Here are a few classical and uncommon solutions to handle these tricky situations.

It’s amazing how different women are!!! Some of us are unhappy when the man ejaculates too fast and everything comes to an end. And some complain about feeling exhausted by long marathons that take hours and would rather have a short-distance run…

However, there is no reason for being distressed in either case; everything can be fixed if You master a few simple techniques. Here they are.

Holding off ejaculation

1. Ejaculation is controlled by ... the woman!!! If You are too excited, the man will climax soon after penetration. Try to relax Your vagina instead of contracting it and invite the man to enter, when both of You are just warming up.

Don’t do quick movements, let the first penetration be slow, with deep breathing; You can look each other in the eyes to avoid escaping into arousing fantasies and stay in the present.

The man enters and doesn’t move any more, just feels himself inside. The more You relax, the longer sex will last. And suggest that the man focuses on his penis, not on the vagina, when he enters, otherwise he will get too excited. So Your task is to keep the man in the present and be totally relaxed without thinking about arousal.

2. Choose the position when the man lies down – blood flows away from the head and he can make love longer.

3. When a man is about to come, his testicles rise. Pulling down on them (encircling the scrotum above the testicles with Your fingers), You will hold back ejaculation.

4. If the man can’t bear the thought of prostate massage – just pressing the anus with Your finger will hold back ejaculation for long (if he enjoys it – the effect is reverse).

5. Movements during caresses from the head to the base of the penis and from the penis all over the body. We direct the energy away from the volcanic pipe.

6. When it comes to sex aids, You can use special lubricant which reduces the sensitivity of the penis, or erection rings – the blood flows to the penis but cannot flow back, the penis is erect, but the man cannot come.

7. You can suggest that the man takes a deep breath before orgasm and holds the breath – the energy will go up, and from there, along with the exhalation – all over the body and instead of exploding in orgasm will spread in a pleasant warmth all around the man’ body.

8. And for the brave!!! When You feel that the man is reaching orgasm, give him a slight but still felt flick on his testicles – taken by surprise, he will stop and return to the present moment from his fantasies.

Speeding up ejaculation

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Secrets of Love Espionage

How to tell a great lover from a distance... and taking a closer look


Two beautiful women were sharing their experience:

“Good lovers are hard to find”, one of them was saying, “from one hundred men I had only four stand out!”

“Oh really”, said the other in disbelief, - “from thirty men I had more than half were real diamonds! I have a gut feeling about them and never miss a single one!”

Sounds improbable? However, it’s not make believe, and You can learn to tell a good lover at first glance!!! How? Here’re a few simple tips.

1. The body never lies. A man can tell all kinds of stories about himself, but if You take a close look at his body once, You will see things clearly without any words!

First, look the man into the EYES. They have to be LIVELY.

If they radiate love, attention, warmth, kindness, interest, if the man seems to be "touching" You with his eyes – he’ll treat both You and Your feelings kindly during sex.

If the eyes are "glassy", watching without seeing, if You get a sense that they are empty – this robot will likewise feel nothing during sex. He will just perform the proper set of motions from his head, not from his heart.

2. By all means pay attention to... the man’ HIP! It has to be relaxed, "live", as if slightly dancing – that’s the kind of hip where energy is moving; it means the man experiences physical pleasure and stays in his body rather than in his head.

When a man’s hip is tense, as if he is holding a coin between his buttocks, pleasurable gentle and smooth hip movements become impossible; the hip joint seems to be welded to the lower back, and the man is only capable of thrusting his pelvis.

Besides, when the hip is tense, the penis becomes a lot less sensitive, just its head retains some sensitivity – that’s why he needs to increase the pace so he could feel something.

When the hip joint is relaxed, has a wide range of motion, and moves separately from the lower back, the whole penis becomes sensitive, and the man gets pleasure just from being inside a woman or from doing slow, lush motions.

And overall a man’s motions need to be smooth, catlike – it’s a sign of his ability to stay in his body and feel pleasure. Jerky movements and poor coordination indicate his inability to feel his body – so how will he feel You?

3. Pay attention to the man’s HANDS. They need to be... WARM! It indicates that the man’s energy is moving from the centre outwards, that he has a "hot" heart. Cold hands mean low energy level, repressed energy inside the body. So this man will hardly be capable of sharing anything with You.

4. A sense of humor is also a good sign! It will always bring relief to difficult situations, and laughter also relaxes the diaphragm, which enables one to feel more.

5. The man is a good conversationalist. Usually the ability to listen, get and UNDERSTAND the other applies to all the areas of life.

6. The man is consistent in all his actions. By watching him in one context You can easily get to know him in others. Watch the man, for example, handle the dishes – GENTLY, carefully, cups don’t clatter – that’s how he will be treating Your body.

Watch him cook. Once I was admiring a man butchering a chicken – gracefully, taking his time and very skillfully, without a single odd movement! In sex he also turned out to be a great lover!

The way a man eats will tell You a lot about him. JUICILY, deliciously, savouring his food, or devouring everything promiscuously, unconcerned about its quality; eating tasty and healthy foods or being a picky eater, going for all kinds of frills – You’ll be surprised to find coincidences!

Watch how the man treats cats and dogs – an ability to get on well with animals is also a good sign.

7. An excellent way to tell a good lover (which my sister has been using for a long time) is just to imagine the man in front of You making love and experiencing orgasm.

At least You’ll have a lot of fun practicing it on Your acquaintances! Watch the men around You, and at some point they’ll seem transparent to You.

You’ll feel like getting closer with some of them, and others will make You want to flee. So don’t wait too long!

How to tell a good lover from a distance... and taking a closer look!

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In Love... with Your Own Body

Three Steps to Bliss

In Love... with Your Own Body

Dim light… soft music… two are making love… but it’s the woman who catches the eye. It feels like the presence of the man is not a necessity – she would be enjoying herself on her own.

She is not pretending. She’s doing with the man whatever she wants, not following any recommendations such “That is the right way” or “You might wanna try this one”.

She’s a mature woman; she knows what brings her most pleasure, she can provide it for herself and show it to the man bluntly. She listens to herself and her sensations; she does not conceal her feelings. She does not escape into fantasies or fast pace, sometimes she even stops just… to feel.

Her and her pleasure matters… nothing more… Unpretentious, animalistic, mature beauty… her bliss can be sensed even through the screen…

What is her secret? A participant told me once at a training: “Masha, you teach us things women get to know in a mature age!”

Yes, sex experts agree that ageing makes the woman more focused on getting pleasure. She yearns for pleasure, and she knows exactly what she needs to feel bliss. Speculating, manipulating the partner or just proving something to someone seems like a waste of time – and there is not much time left.

The woman expects new sensations, unexplored facets of bliss and finds them… through a loving relationship with her own body! So what can You do to be able to feel pleasure now, without having to wait until You’ve gained enough experience (which requires some luck)? Here are three steps that will help You reach bliss.

Step one – go back to Your "home"

The aroma of perfume is contained in a bottle, and our femininity is contained within our body. Being feminine means being in Your body. However, most women aren’t even aware that they live out the principle “That’s me and that’s my body; I’m all in fantasies, plans, and dreams, and my body is separate from that”.

A young woman has shared her insight: “Just like a child loves a bad mother, who abandons him, doesn’t take care of him, but the child accepts her no matter what, loves her, waits for her and is happy when she is back, I also forget about my body, but it still loves me and always wants me back…”

Another young woman during a relaxation meditation, when I suggested visualizing the ocean, said: “To hell with the ocean! I don’t want to float anywhere away from my body” and with tears in her eyes began embracing and kissing herself.

So what is “coming back to Your body” all about? It’s about being in Your bodily sensations constantly: it’s warm, cold, relaxed, or tight, You have some palpitations or shivers…

The body reacts to everything continuously, and it’s important to learn to take note of it. Feelings are also contained within the body, experienced by the body, and while we’re out of our bodies it might seem like we’re feeling when in fact we’re out of touch with real experience!

The mind might be puzzled by it – what’s s the big deal about just being in bodily sensations and flowing between them? However, the more attention we give to that, the more exciting it gets to live in the body. A lot of women ask: “How can I switch my head off?”

“All right, - I reply, - let’s say You did switch Your head off in a miraculous way. But if You’re out of Your body – what is left? Nothing! So it might be a good thing after all that You can’t switch Your head off”. It’s not about switching Your mind off ? it’s about switching Your body on!

Here are a few simple tips for doing that: from time to time tap all Your body with Your palms and seize the sensations in the area where You’re tapping Yourself: is it hot, shivering, tingling, pleasant or unpleasant. Tap and get a response. You can use a shower or, which is even better – a sauna switch.

And make a point of saying: “That’s my belly! I do welcome You! Thank You for coming back to me!” and work this way through all Your body, without leaving out any parts. Squeeze Your muscles, especially those of arms and legs, tightening them and feeling the boundaries of Your body; be aware that You’re inside, and all Your thoughts and feelings are also inside Your body, at "home".

You can thank Your muscles for making You strong, for enabling You to run, to lift weights, to hug Your loved ones; make Yourself comfortable in Your favorite armchair, close Your eyes, feel the surface You’re sitting on, what You’re touching it with, seize the sensations from Your clothes, how You sense Your clothes with Your skin, from hair, breathing, the temperature around You, inner sensations – pulsations, tightening or relaxing, seize more bodily sensations and proceed from one to another, as if it’s the most important thing – just being in Your bodily sensations and flowing from one to another.

If the mind carries You away – just breathe in deeply and try to hold on to bodily sensations, flowing smoothly. From time to time ask Yourself: “What’s more important to me – my thoughts or my bodily sensations? Footprints on the sand or sensations from my walking on it?”

Place color stickers all around Your home with a question written on them: “Where are You now?” and, having come across it, take a deep breath, come back into Your body, into bodily sensations in Your feet, stomach, from breathing inside Your mouth.

When You bring Yourself back into Your body hundreds of time a day – it changes lots of things! and the most effective way to come back home, into Your body, from fantasies, is to breathe through Your mouth. When we breathe through our nose we fill with energy our head primarily, our upper energy centers; when we breathe through our mouth – we fill with energy our body and lower energy centers.

Mouth breathing brings You back into Your body immediately. Just open Your mouth and breathe for a couple of minutes this way, making sure You hear both the inhale and exhale, feeling the breath massaging You inside, warming You up. And whenever You notice in everyday life that You got carried away – just inhale deeply and exhale through Your mouth – and You’re back home! Remember there’s always a place You can go back to.

Step two – dialogue with Your body: “What can I do for my body myself?”

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Doesn’t Call After Sex?
10 Secrets of an Awesome First Night

You never know how things will turn out…
Can You make a difference?

Maria Shitova

Sure You can. Here’re a few simple tips. The most important one comes first.

If You succeed in conveying to a man that he is the best – with You, he is a fantastic lover – with You, and he is the only one who can give You infinite bliss – that’s it.

You can relax! The man is forever Yours. So it’s no use learning millions of techniques to satisfy a man. That’s what prostitutes are for. Your purpose is to learn to experience pleasure Yourself and to manifest it in the right way.

An acquaintance of mine, a very nice woman, was anxious that men didn’t call her back after the first intercourse. “I try so hard, - she kept complaining, - there’s nothing I won’t do, including deep blow job in the morning…” “And do You enjoy it Yourself? – I ask her, – do You take pleasure, breathe, gaze into their eyes?” “No”, she says…

What did she give to them? What any expensive prostitute can give – techniques. But she didn’t give the most important thing – men didn’t feel like great lovers with her. I advised her during the first few dates just to enjoy herself and show it to the partner, and use only the techniques a man is requesting, without suggesting anything herself.

And that’s how things got going – men felt like great lovers with her, and technically wanted to try this and that with her – they got so immersed in it!!!

1. Have You ever noticed that when there is no attraction between people, they try to be clever, and when there’s a spark between them, they start talking about trivialities, but glow with joy?

Shortly before the first sex start lowering the degree of sobriety, making jokes about the man. You might pull a prank on him.

A woman, having decided to accept the courtship of an attractive and a very serious admirer, invited him to help her carry “a really heavy carpet”.

He arrived to find a small rug neatly tied with a ribbon on the kitchen chair. They have been married and laughing about that incident for over 20 years!

It helps to laugh before sex (however laughable that might be): it releases tension, relaxes the diaphragm, deepening the pleasure, bringing You together.

As if by chance put on Comedy club as a background or invite him to a performance by a well-known stand-up comedian (that’s what my first husband did).

2. Choose the most conservative location for Your first sex – the tumult of feelings is enough in itself. If the first sex happens in the car or on the beach – that’s a little over the top.

Leave it for the future to "freshen up" Your relationship. And while You are just getting to know each other – a bed, slippers, a shower.

3. It’s imperative to click with the man physically. Your body, not Your head, has to desire him. Before sex ask Yourself if You like his scent, his touch?

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Fiery Desires: Candle Magic

Candle Magic

Fire tempts, enchants, and attracts... Lighting a candle can make an enormous change in the home atmosphere: everything becomes softer and warmer, magic is in the air.

You can gaze into fire infinitely: it seems to hypnotize by its ferocity, passion, wild dance and freedom. The power of fire has been helping us from ancient times: candles on a birthday cake, in the church along with the prayer, traditional burning of papers with wishes at New Year’s Eve...

The element of Fire is always willing to help us. But how can You reach an agreement with wild fire without burning Yourself?

There are a few simple rules that will turn Your communication with the element into a little feminine magic.

1. It’s how You treat fire. Fire, or Agni, is a live soul, and requires to be treated most respectfully.

That’s why it’s better to light a candle with matches, not with a lighter. And it’s better to put it out not by blowing, but with a candle snuffer, a spoon, or You might try with Your fingers. In any case with great respect and gratitude.

2. We can write wishes on a candle. What is the right way?

When we draw something into our lives, we write from the bottom upwards, from the bottom to the wick, and when we get rid of something, we write from the top downwards. It’s important to write in Latin letters (the Cyrillic alphabet is seldom used in magic), for example, “I am healthy”.

We write the wish with a sharpened wooden stick, not with a pen. You can use a toothpick, but later make a point of finding Your "magic wand” and use it exclusively – it will gain force and the wishes written with it will come true faster.

To connect the candle with Your energy You can write near its base Your full name in Latin letters.

3. You can use moon phases...

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A live story from Dreamland

A lot of women ask me why I don’t have any trainings scheduled until February next year. I’ll tell you why!

For recent three months I’ve lived in Santa-Monica, California, a fabulous town that brings to mind Mediterranean Nice.

That’s where they filmed "Pulp Fiction" and "Forrest Gump". That’s the place where celebrities used to live, live or come round, including Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Sylvester Stallone, and Jamie Lee Curtis. It takes a 15 minute-ride to get to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, or Malibu.

To put it short, it’s one of these heavenly locations where you want to stay forever, and it’s my second time here, on the Pacific shore.

Relishing the local atmosphere and hospitality, I’m taking a training course in one of the leading psychological centers in the world...

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Interview on Femininity and... Seduction

Maria Shitova

[ fragment of this interview ]

- For those who couldn’t come to the trainings, tell us what are the main secrets of seducing men?

- There’re plenty of secrets of seduction, but they all amount to nothing if a woman has not entered the right state. Men perceive the state, not the technique. What kind of a state am I talking about? It’s a state of a woman aroused. And all the seduction techniques just help to communicate it gracefully, but everything starts from the state.

How do you enter this state? You can’t do it through your head, but simply – through your body.
First, start breathing through your mouth – it will draw a lot of energy and immediately bring you back into your body.
Second, start moving slightly, as if dancing.

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Maria Shitova Answers Questions

Maria Shitova

- Maria, tell us what has encouraged you to explore feminine nature? Where did it all start?

- I got interested in seduction and feminine magic when still in high school, and studied different techniques and practices. But everything changed during pregnancy.

I took a course in motherhood and met a woman who was experienced in femininity and motherhood.

I had been taking this course for a few months and ended up feeling like an experienced Mum with ten kids. Then I had a daughter and had no questions about what to do and how!

She also shared lots of things as an experienced woman. It was at that time that I first heard about the intimate muscles and that you need to work on them. I’m very grateful to this woman!

Right after childbirth I got into feminine practices, feminine energy work. Everything in the Universe is for a reason; it turned out I live next to the Private Life Academy of Larisa Renar.

And when my daughter was very little, I was studying at the Academy. I’ve taken all the courses and attended all the workshops. And I got so indulged in it that I kept on learning from the people who taught the trainers of the Academy. I was virtually obsessed with studying for four years and went to trainings every weekend.

And then I met with Larisa Renar again. We talked, I shared with her what I had learned, and then Larisa said: “You know too much, stay”. And from then on I started teaching at the Academy.

At university I majored in teaching linguistics and philology. First I did two jobs. But then I got so absorbed in my hobby that it turned into occupation.

For four years I was teaching at Larisa Renar’s all the techniques related to developing feminine sexuality and kept on studying.

- How did you decide to start teaching on your own?

- First, it was scary. I was thinking we were such a good team, everybody supported each other. But I got that feeling and made up my mind.

In last two years I was teacher of the year at the Academy. I couldn’t go any higher! And I’m the kind of person who moves forward all the time, wants something new.

- What else do you take interest in apart from trainings?

- Now trainings are my life! I either give trainings, or learn - that’s what I do in life. I’ve become more proficient and travel abroad to get new knowledge: to Italy, the USA.

I used to take 5-day trainings, but now they last for a month or two. So I plan in advance when and where I will go.

And my trainings change all the time, as I keep learning new stuff and updating them.

That’s what life is about: learning and sharing new knowledge!

- And how do your trainings go?

- They go differently. The training called "Every Lady Does That" is more like a gift to men, because that’s where women answer the question: “How to treat men?”, although they don’t forget about themselves either.

The training includes a lot of practical exercises and fascinating theory. It’s also exciting because you can try out this information the same evening and start changing.

"The Secrets of Odalisques" training is meant for developing intimate muscles. It’s 100 per cent body-oriented, we’re working on the muscles, and women try certain movements at the training.

A workshop "I Am Your Sweet Dream" will be held in Omsk. It will uncover the secrets of working with your man’s energy from a distance, transmitting information when you are far apart, filling him with energy and arousing him so that he will come home not tired but empowered.

- Maria, what would you recommend to girls who want to learn feminine secrets and become incredibly feminine?

- Pay more attention to your breathing and body relaxation. You can try to sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and breathe through your mouth for a few minutes, in a very relaxed and gentle manner. And watch the sensations in your body, which come up along with the breath.

I always tell girls that there is nothing else to learn – just start breathing through your mouth when you’re making love, listen to your breath – and see what happens!!!

With love, Your Maria Shitova

© 2012 Maria Shitova
The Aroma Of Women
Maria Shitova`s School