Arouse Yourself

All the Secrets of Squirting Orgasm

Arouse Yourself

Squirting has become a hotly debated topic recently, and I mentioned it in some of my articles. A lot of women know about this kind of orgasm but think it’s not for them, that only porn stars are up to it, or else they are waiting for a perfect lover who will help them experience this kind of orgasm.

But the truth is that this sweetest orgasm can be experienced by every woman and, what’s most important – You can set Yourself up for it within just a couple of days!!!

What’s it like? Sometimes it is called "birth orgasm". Why? During this orgasm the woman’s intimate muscles move exactly the same way they do during childbirth!!! First the muscles of the vagina expand – at that moment the baby passes through the birth canals, and then they start moving jerkily to push it out – which is known as labor.

Nothing happens without a reason in nature! This orgasm is given to women to train the muscles for labor! Every woman can experience this orgasm, it is encoded by nature into a woman’s body, it’s the simplest and the most natural thing that can happen to a woman’s body, just like labor!!!

So why some women don’t squirt? The thing is that the first sensation You get when this orgasm is approaching is a strong urge to... pee. And women either start controlling themselves to avoid urination, tighten up – which means no orgasm, or run and pee.

But our body is made the way that we are incapable of urinating in a pre-orgasmic state, and in the toilet the woman calms down, pees and... forget about orgasm!

When You feel like peeing during arousal – it’s a signal that orgasm is about to happen, so relax instead of tightening up, as if You want to pee on the man. Remember there is no way You can pee in a pre-orgasmic state! That will help to set off orgasm.

What else can hinder this type of orgasm? Sometimes women squirt unexpectedly. But during this orgasm the urethra emits a lot of fluid (that’s why it is known as "squirting"). All the sheets get wet through.

And the worst thing is when the woman thinks she wetted herself, and if the man thought so, too, and even said so – how many sad stories I have heard from women who repressed themselves for years after that occurrence, afraid that it might happen again!!!

The urethra does emit a lot of fluid, but that is not urine! This has been proven dozens of times by researchers – clear fluid resembles men’s prostatic fluid, it has a pleasant smell, it has no color and is transparent.

This orgasm is the climax of feminine sexuality, it can last from a few minutes to an hour and more non-stop and brings a feeling of deep satisfaction and fulfillment inside, unlike a certain emptiness after clitoral orgasm.

And as every woman is naturally capable of squirting, it can be set off easily. It depends on three things: the G-spot, intimate muscles, and breathing. That’s what we’ll be focusing on.

1. The G-spot

First, squirting is caused by stimulation of the G-spot. Every woman has it!!! And it can be found easily within 10 minutes. In an aroused state, in a warm place, with Your bladder slightly filled (2 warm cups of tea and You can go for it) start fingering the front wall of the vagina, as if You’re touching the pubic bone from inside. Finger it from below upwards and find a spot which, when pressed, makes You feel like... peeing! That’s it!

And often women fail to find the G-spot, because they expect so many unusually sweet sensations from it – You will have them, but no sooner than You awaken the G-spot. And at the very beginning the sensations are likely to be very subtle, just a bit different from others: a little more pleasant or, on the contrary, unpleasant, the urge to pee a little stronger – the key word is "a little more". That is it! Everything is very simple!

But it’s not enough to find the G-spot. It’s imperative to awaken it, to make it the point that sets off orgasm. It can be done easily in three simple steps.


The first step – for a week or two massage the G-spot with Your fingers for 5-10 minutes in round movements or forward-backward movements while breathing deeply through Your mouth, so that You hear Your breath. No orgasms, just to experience a rush of blood, increase sensitivity, and to unfold it petal by petal.

The next step – one or two weeks of massage using a G-spot vibrator with a straight shaft and a curved tip. The curved tip will massage this area very well. In the sex shop make sure that it’s the tip that vibrates, not the base of the vibrator. And with some water-based lube give Yourself the enjoyment of G-spot massage. The sensitivity of Your vagina will give You more pleasurable sensations with every day!

The third step is critical. When awakening the G-spot, a lot of women stop after the first two stages, they feel nice and sweet, but there’s a small problem – clitoral orgasm fades compared to sensations You get from massaging the vagina, but there’s still no orgasm from massaging the G-spot. And woman cannot get full enjoyment.

That’s why another important thing is to transfer the point that sets off orgasm from the clitoris to the G-spot. It’s really simple, a matter of technique and a few days. You massage the G-spot (with Your fingers or with a vibrator, whatever works better for You) and the clitoris simultaneously, achieving orgasm. Next time You start the same way, but one second before orgasm You remove Your hand from the clitoris; next time You remove Your hand two seconds before, then three, five, ten... In a few days You will learn to achieve orgasm just by massaging the G-spot! And from then on You’ll be able to relish it fully!

2. Muscles

In addition to awakening the G-spot for squirting orgasm we have to remind the body of the motions it performs during orgasm. They are very simple, and You’ll be surprised to learn that Your body is already quite proficient at performing them!!!

The first motion (both during childbirth and this kind of orgasm) is when the vagina opens up. It might suck in the air with a sound – and a lot of women feel embarrassed by these "indecent" sounds. But there’s nothing to be embarrassed about – these sounds are a sign that Your muscles are not slack but, on the contrary, toned and working. And men feel very well with their penis where the air comes from. So produce sounds as You please!!!

This motion is very simple to learn: lie down on Your back, bend Your legs at Your knees, place Your feet firmly on the floor, exhale, hold the breath and lift Your shoulders from the floor. And in this position, with Your shoulders up, try to… relax Your belly! Its sides might relax, and the muscles in the middle will remain tense.

And at this time your vagina might make a specific noise, "sucking in" the air (at the very beginning of Your training open it up a little with Your fingers – the air will get inside at once!) Easy, isn’t it? Practice in the mornings in Your bed, 3-5 times. And in a while You will be able to do it with a smile on Your face!

The second motion is even simpler – muscles move to push out (during labor known as strains). To practice these motions buy double vaginal balls on a string (the simplest ones, non-vibrating and without bumps). Apply water-based lube richly and insert them into Your vagina with the string outside, sit down, with Your arms behind pressed against the floor, Your knees bent, spread a clean sheet or a towel between Your feet and start pushing the balls out.

Push in the right way, as during labor, not with Your "face", but with Your diaphragm. To do it fill Your belly with air, breathe out strongly and open Your vagina outside, without tightening it but, on the contrary, relaxing it. And make sure You pull the string to give Your body a cue of what You want from it. The body is very wise; after some practice the first ball will spring on its own, then the second, and after that they will start flying further and further – and the more intensely Your muscles move, the sweeter is Your orgasm! Practice for no more than 5 minutes, for enjoyment. You don’t have to practice for hours!

And don’t be surprised if during this exercise the urethra will start shooting transparent fluid – it’s the same kind of fluid that shoots during orgasm. When still exercising the body does the same thing as during orgasm!!!

3. Breathing

This kind of orgasm requires expanded, breathing body. If Your mouth is shut and You breathe through Your nose – the needed amount of energy will not go into Your pelvis, it will lack energy – where will the orgasm emerge from?

Try to practice this breathing separately: lie down on Your back, relax, open Your mouth and start breathing through Your mouth, listening to Your breath, the inhalation and exhalation. Imagine Your breath massaging You from inside, "falling" inside Your pelvis and knocking from inside at Your pelvis, filling it with energy and warmth. Try this slow relaxed breath every day for 5-10 minutes and use it when massaging the G-spot.

After that You won’t want to do it without breathing!!! And for successive orgasms breathe deeply with Your mouth! That’s the secret!!!

So in a few days You will end up with the awakened G-spot, the vaginal muscles that open up and push out easily, and You will be enjoying breathing through Your mouth, filling Your body with energy.

What is left now is to put it all together and awaken squirting orgasm! Don’t ever practice it during sex; the surest way to spoil sex is to practice something in the meantime. Sex is sex, and practice is practice. When Your body is ready, it will use its skills in sex naturally.

So, to get squirting orgasm: take 20-25 minutes every day during a week. In warmth, in cozy surroundings, with Your mobile off, start breathing deeply and in a relaxed way, caressing and warming up Your body gently. It will be good to put on warm socks and put a warm heater on Your lower abdomen or under the sacrum.

Try caressing the clitoris or G-spot (with Your fingers or a vibrator), gradually focusing more on the G-spot. Let the movements be soft at first, and little by little intensify them. Do them as if You’re "knocking" slightly on the pubic bone in the G-spot area, increasing the arousal. And the more intense it is, the deeper and more active Your breath becomes. And when You feel that You’re achieving orgasm, a moment before it open up Your vagina (the air might get sucked in with a sound) – that will make the orgasm a lot more intense, and during orgasm start doing movements to push out, like in exercises with balls (but now without them).

And repeat this a few times during one or two weeks. The body is wise; it will grasp this simple motion immediately and will do it while having sex.

And at some point You will be able to experience the sweetest of all orgasms!!!

A critical moment: while You’re preparing Your body for this orgasm, prepare Your man for the probability of Your having it. He might be not aware that it even exists and think You have wetted Yourself.

How can You deliver this message? As always, through praise. You can tell him: “Darling, I heard (from a friend, on TV, on the Internet) that with savvy lovers women experience squirting orgasm. And the first sensation they get when it’s approaching is an urge to pee. And imagine, dear, I often get that sensation when we’re having sex. I used to think I just want to pee, but it turns out you’re such a great lover that you almost brought me to this kind of orgasm, it’s just that I stop myself from getting it”.

After these words the man won’t let You avoid that orgasm, he will be searching for information on the Internet himself.

Where can You direct him? There’s a wonderful training film available for public by Stephane Hemon "Female Orgasm Mastery" – You can start from this one; there are also some articles on Wikipedia and plenty of interesting forums on this orgasm on the Internet. Your man will be kept busy in the nearest month!

And remember – don’t turn this orgasm into sport. Enjoy it, relax in it, open up as a Woman, feeling like a flower, vulnerable in its beauty and trust. And heartily share this bliss with Your loved one.

Wish You yummy and exhilarating discoveries!

With love, Your Maria Shitova

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