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The Wind of Change

Sometimes a relationship comes to a point when we have done everything on our part and are waiting for the partner’s response, but the man procrastinates. And You can’t help but want to speed him up!

How to do that and remain outwardly calm and pleased with Your life? It’s perfectly simple. Magic, cards, and women’s practices have always empowered women in the feminine way, allowing them to stay gentle and tender and not to put pressure on men.

The purpose of the workshop “The Wind of Change” is to change the situation, to encourage the partner to take the plunge.

At the workshop we will learn the meanings of Tarot cards focused on “Love and Relationships” and make a correction known as “The Wind of Change”. The best time to make this correction is when the moon is growing or full.

Bring along:

* Tarot cards;

* black cloth (70*70 cm);

* an oilcloth mat (or a big plastic bag);

* pink or red paper;

* a piece of jewelry as a mascot;

* two photos (of Yourself and Your partner);

* 10 church candles;

* a golden pen or a highlighter;

* a bowl or a cup;

* a toothpick;

* a tablespoon;

a saucer and… make sure You’re willing to have a great time!

At full moon the witch is way beyond the reach.


Everything You Wanted to Know About Orgasms

It’s not the pianist’s business to tune up the piano on the stage in front of the audience. He walks up to the instrument that’s already been prepared. It’s up to him whether to perform the Flea Waltz or the Moonlight Sonata. But tuning is no concern of his…

However, a lot of women expect that during sexual intercourse the man will do all the work for them, find the "magic buttons", awaken their body, in other words, "tune up the instrument".

No way! 100% of our pleasure depends on us, women. The man might boost it to 200, 300… 1000, but 100% depends on us!!!

It’s imperative to know Your body, its capacities, its hidden corners. It will bring joy both to You, as Your body will get what it desires, and the man, as you will spare him the burden of responsibility for your orgasms.

At the workshop we will be learning to "tune up" our body, our magnificent "instrument", by ourselves. We will get to know its capacities, desires and the depths of pleasure You can indulge in Yourselves!!!

The program includes:

> > The types of orgasms

> > The G-spot

> > Exercises and massages to enhance orgasmicity

> > Exercises to open up the pelvis

> > Watching training video

Feel like a Pygmalion, carve Your Galatea yourself!!!

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The Voice of Cleopatra

The music of women’s voice has a magic effect. The nature has taken care to create an instrument that opens up the innermost secret recesses of men’s soul. And sometimes the words women say don’t matter, but it does matter how these words are pronounced.

And if we know what to pour into men’s ears, if we know the sweet words, if we are able to awaken their secret fantasies - we possess a golden key to open the tender soul of the man.

Have You tried to turn on your lover on the phone? Do You have an idea of how to succeed in that? Can You affect men by word? Are You sure You know HOW, WHAT and WHEN to talk?

If You want to explore this area in detail, I’m inviting You to the workshop “The Voice of Cleopatra”.

At the workshop You will learn:

+ how to use seductive, attractive voice that enchants men;

+ how to work with breathing, the pace, volume, tone and overtones of speech;

+ magnetic words that will keep the man close to You for years;

+ You will familiarize yourself with the technique of phone sex and suggestion techniques;

+ how to use Your resonators and change Your image;

+ how to describe yourself deliciously

and a lot more…

And remember: men don’t love with their eyes, they choose with their eyes.

And the music that flows into their ears leaves them no choice.


The Art of Intimate Seduction

The magic of women’s caresses… every man dreams of that!!!

And we all have heard about women who attached men to them forever by mere touch.

Is it make-believe or is it possible to learn magic, tender and passionate secrets of women’s caresses? Yes, it is!!!

Just a few secrets – and then on You will be able to create, to excite, caress, lure, and charm Your man!

At the workshop “The Art of Intimate Seduction” you will learn the basic rules and nuances of oral and manual caresses, You will learn to caress with the right energy and get an ocean of pleasure from yourself!!!

Don’t miss Your chance of experiencing and giving BLISS!!!

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Fiery Desires

Fire is spellbinding, magnetizing, enticing… fire destroys and creates.

Gazing at a candle flame, You might be struck by the realization that magic is right here, in front of You!

What’s missing is just the sweep of the magic wand and some spells… What kind of spells – that’s the question!!!

At our workshop “Fiery Desires” You will be able to share the energy of fire, learn to use its force for Your benefit and for the benefit of Your loved ones.

You will learn:

++ the basics of working with candles;

++ about the connection between the color of the candle and Your desire;

++ what can enhance the effect of the candle;

++ how to charge, "use" the candle.

Bring along:

* 2 or 3 big candles (they may be green, pink, yellow, golden, red);

* photos of You (according to the number of candles and no bigger than the diameter of the candle) – maybe a photo of Your loved one;

* a short piece of cloth (any color, where you will put your ready-made candles);

* 10 wax candles;

* scissors and a knife;

* a toothpick;

* an oilcloth mat.


Attracting Love

What does a woman want? LOVE AND HARMONY IN THE RELATIONSHIP WITH HER MAN. And it’s the woman who builds this relationship and nurtures it. But sometimes it happens that the thread between us tangles or even tears or we fail to attract the man who’s right for us… And sometimes we are not in a position to answer the question: why? Where did I go wrong?

And now let’s imagine that we live in a FAIRY-TALE. And we have a magic saucer and an apple and we can get answers to any questions! And even more: we can transform into a white Witch and infuse new force, fiery passion, and infinite tenderness into our relationship with the Loved one… WE CAN ATTRACT LOVE LIKE A MAGNET…

And these days it is possible! A deck of cards, a few candles, A DESIRE FOR CHANGE AND LOVE INSIDE – and the first (and the second) honeymoon won’t be long! Everything is within our power, so we’d better go for it! And that’s what the workshop “Attracting Love” is all about. At the workshop You will learn the basics of reading Tarot cards, study in detail the layout concerning Your relationship with Your loved one and learn how to change things.

Bring along:


a big pink candle,

7 floating red or pink candles,

10 church candles,

black cloth (at least 70*70 cm, if You have attended other Tarot workshops – bring the ready altar with a star),

ylang-ylang or rose aroma oil (optional),

rose petals (a few),

a photo of You (if you are married – Your husband’s photo as well),

a piece of jewelry for the mascot (a chain, earrings, a ring etc),

a cup,

a tablespoon,

a knife,


a snack (sweets, a chocolate, tangerines, grapes, nuts – up to you).

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'>The Secrets of Seduction

At the workshop You will learn how to seduce a man just by looking at him.

You’ll see how to arouse him in a couple of minutes by slightly touching him, so that he won’t even notice.

You will learn to use a magnificent "delicious" voice and draw the man in by the sheer sound of it. You’ll grasp the concept of "love anchors" and their effect.

The workshop includes:

! Seductive gazes: "sticky", "final shot" etc... You will learn where to direct You gaze, for how long, how to make it sexual.

! Seductive touches: three circles of erogenous zones, engaging them consecutively, types of touch.

! Movement and walk that grabs men’s attention.

! Melodic, deep, husky voice.


I Am Your Sweet Dream

Do you know that energy exists out of space and time? In other words, it doesn’t matter how far the person is from You in order to enter into connection with that person, communicate something to him, empower, heal or arouse him…

There are multiple practices that let us work with the man’s phantom, i. e. his energy, at a distance. It’s imperative, however, to do that properly, safely. And if so, subtle feminine magic will bring both to You and Your partner joy, pleasure, and new experience.

At the workshop “I Am Your Sweet Dream” You will learn how to contact another person’s energy safely. You will learn how to fill the man with energy and still keep Your energy.

You will master a few practices that will let You "read— the man’s thoughts, see how he feels about you, and change it.

A woman can change the world around her without leaving her home! Seize the opportunity to learn how!

Right now You can access the audio recordings of meditations from the collection “I Am Your Sweet Dream” which are a great addition to this workshop… Follow the link to find your way to the audios: Meditations.

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