Boring New Year’s Eve? No way!

5 simple steps to create big and small love games

Boring New Year’s Eve? No way!

A beautiful naked female body and sushi, artfully arranged here and there. There’re chopsticks in the hair and wasabi where nobody has ever had it before. HE will be here in a moment!!! But… three hours pass, and HE’s nowhere in sight…

Probably You’ve seen these scenes with Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. Why did her surprise fail? And why do women setting up an erotic game with a man not always get the result they expect?

That and a lot more is what we’re going to talk about.

All right, first things first. Each game has its own logic.

For a start, visualize Yourself playing the game. Sex is magic and it’s enough to imagine something to almost make it come true. Close Your eyes for a moment and watch the video of the game starring You.

What kind of games can You visualize?

Roughly, games fall into three big groups:

+ the everyday kind that are very easy to play – “Every Day Is a Holiday”;

+ the kind that will make the man think about You for a long time – “Long-term Joint Projects”;

+ and the kind of games the man will remember for years – “Adrenaline-filled Memories”, which are played once but are very intense.

Here’re a few examples of these games within New Year’s setting…


“Every Day Is a Holiday”

These games are meant to create a subtle, discreet vibe of sexual anticipation at minimum cost. The perfect way to do it would be to go for… erotic cuisine.

Why do I love it? You put in minimum effort and get maximum effect. 50% of success in erotic cuisine depends on how You serve things, 40% - on how You name them, and just 10% ? on the aphrodisiac foods that boost the desire.

They include seafood, chicken eggs and especially quail eggs, fennel, parsley, celery, all kinds of nuts, honey, fruit, cheeses, onions and garlic (when eaten by two), and spices.

It all depends on how You serve them!!!

Setting the New Year’s Eve table, You might try the following dishes:

* boil quail eggs, cut them in two, fill with red caviar, arrange them beautifully on a plate on the leaves of lettuce and name them “The Islands of Temptation”;

* name one of light salads (for example, cheese, avocado, strawberries and shrimps seasoned with liqueur of Your choice) “The Salad of Love”;

* cooking chicken, put two small halves of lime under its skin – and You’ll have “Chicken with breasts”;

* use a cookie cutter to make heart shaped cookies, trim off the bottom triangle, and You’ll have "butts"; decorate with colorful icing to make them look like panties and name them “Did You order bikinis”?

* buy breasts shaped ice cube tray and fill his glass with these cubes;

* copy a beautiful female silhouette, cut out a stencil and sprinkle cinnamon on his morning coffee through it…

* buy erotic molds for pancakes and omelette;

* erotic sipping straws shaped provocatively;

* candles shaped like lovers in the grip of passion;

* serviettes with erotic scenes…

A woman greeted her husband, saying: "Darling, the dinner is served". He entered the kitchen and read "SEX", written blatantly with ketchup on the plate.

It’s almost effortless for You and the man doesn’t have to do things in response (except perhaps in the last example). However, it creates a subtle vibe of erotica and pleasure anticipation. And that’s worth it, isn’t it!!!

“Long-term Joint Projects”

These games are meant to make the man think about You for a long time, and the thoughts should be sex related.

You could give him a few beautifully decorated gift certificates (they can be printed in a photo studio) offering:

+ “Taoist testicles massage – 20 minutes”;

+ “Holiday blow job – 30 minutes”;

+ “Feet washing with rose petals and massage – 40 minutes”;

+ “Cooking dinner naked wearing an apron”;

+ “Striptease or belly dancing” (the man can choose the costume and music);

+ “Coffee in bed and any kind of sex to the man’s liking”.

Give them to him and wait for him to use them.

Subconsciously he’ll keep thinking about it all the time!!!

Be sure to put a mark that You are in no position to refuse whenever he asks You no matter what mood You are in!!!

Observe the rules of the game honestly!

The man might want to give You something back in return. Drop a slight hint to him!

Another option is to suggest creating an erotic New Year calendar. As a photographer the man picks Your clothing and posture for each month.

Later he chooses the best photos, adds calendar to them with a simple program, and prints it on the photo printer.

The man will spend a great deal of time thinking about You, and his erotic art will decorate Your bedroom for a year, setting the right course for his fantasies.

You might want to make this calendar Yourself and give it to him as a gift.

You have to admit that New Year’s message by President is quite hoary! Why don’t You record Your personal message?

As a woman president, You might tell him about erotic plans and challenges for the coming year. And right after the chime of the clock suggest watching this alternative message.

Be sure he’ll watch it again a number of times! And he’ll "vote" repeatedly for his sweet president!

If the video seems like too much for You, record Your erotic fantasies on a CD. And hand it to him, saying: "Darling, please listen to it in Your car. But remember it’s ONLY for You!"

And don’t be surprised if he keeps showing up at home earlier!

“Adrenaline-filled Memories”

These games will help You create adrenaline-filled memories.

The kind of memories he’ll be recalling for years and sharing with friends in confidence when drinking cognac.

These memories bind newly formed couples strongly and freshen up long-term relationships.

You could spend New Year’s Eve at an expensive hotel instead of at home. And he can get his New Year greetings from a very sexy Snow Maiden.

Sure it will be You, but by no means come clean! And her magic sack will be packed with gifts he can try out right on the spot: blindfolds, silk ribbons, feathers and fur brushes – treat each other with "the theatre of touch"; erotic toys: a vibrator, anal sex toys – spice up Your New Year sex; the gift certificates offering deep blow job, bath with rose petals, sex in the hotel spa – which he can go for right away.

And make sure You stand Your ground the day after. "Snow Maiden? What are You talking about? - Darling, tell me more about what You were up to on New Year’s night?" Let this enjoyable New Year’s adventure leave a sweet aftertaste for him!

2. The second step to make a game work is crucial.

Lots of women skip it and later get antsy, just like Samantha from “Sex and the City”.

Tell Your man ahead of time what You are up to!!!

A woman might spend months getting ready, buying clothing, attending workshops, consulting her girlfriends, and then dumbfound the man with it all, leaving him shocked, unable to control the situation as he’s not ready, and she is unhappy about his response.

To the amount You get Yourself prepared for the game, prepare him, too! At least mention casually: "a girlfriend of mine had a New Year’s party at a hotel, dressed up as a Snow Maiden".

It might be the case that he says: "New Year’s Eve at a hotel? No way. Only home. And I’ve had a strong distaste for Snow Maidens ever since childhood – my obnoxious elder sister always used to dress up as a Snow Maiden". Imagine how much energy and effort You will save Yourself?

And if the man sounds like he’s open to it, keep up his interest with hints, but don’t admit till the very end that it will come about. That’s what makes it juicy: he is aware but unsure whether it happens or not.

And another good option is suggesting a game through the path of Your desires, outlining Your game plan: "Darling, sometimes I imagine You taking pictures of me, choosing postures and clothing for me… and every click of the camera feels like You are getting inside me…

I’m telling You all this and feel I start trembling with arousal… And later on, when You take a closer look at these pictures and pick the best ones, fantasizing about having sex with me, I can feel it from a distance… As if You are right there with me…

Darling, it really turns me on! Why don’t we try it some time?"

Nothing will keep him from living Your fantasy, believe me!

3. The third step when setting up a game: arrangements, preparation, creating the right kind of vibe.

It’s wine, candles, pleasant, slightly heard music (do You know that cheap restaurants put on harsh loud music to make people eat faster – that’s how the location gets more clients; in expensive restaurants the music is slow, smooth, and hardly heard – it makes You want to keep on talking, savoring the magic atmosphere).

It’s a good idea to put some pleasant fragrance oil into the aroma lamp (orange, tangerine, or bergamot oil – and the state of holiday anticipation is guaranteed) and switch off mobile phones.

When buying items to change Your appearance make sure they will be to Your man’s liking.

To avoid shocking him with, say, a wig, making him roar with laughter, casually try on a few wigs at the shop and see which one he fancies.

Or inviting him to a New Year’s party with Snow Maiden, send him a few pictures of You from “The Premium Snow Maiden Agency” and let him choose.

4. The fourth stage is the sweetest and the most breathtaking: playing the game.

And Your mood is essential here. You can be serious-minded when setting up the game. But during the game let Yourself go, loosen up, have a glass of champagne to give You some courage and go ahead!

The mood of a languid, lazy cat, as if You’ve just woken from sleep and have the whole day ahead of You just for pleasures and love. Or the mood of a frisky kitten, who is dying to play something new and exciting!!!

It helps to move physically before the game, dance or have massage to reconnect with Your body and take you out of Your head; You can watch Your favorite comedy or an erotic movie to get You into the right kind of mood.

It’s very important to keep saying nice things to the partner, tell him how fun he is to be with, which will loosen him up.

If something goes wrong – don’t take it too hard, it’s a game.

And if at some point You find You don’t know what to do – smile, take a deep breath and just talk it out. That will get the energy moving and the decision will arise spontaneously or the help might come from Your partner.

5. The final stage of the game.

If You can, get something as a keepsake, anchor the memory.

You could take a picture during the game and later display it in Your sleeping room,

or turn this picture into a magnet and post it on the fridge;

or install it as a screen saver on his mobile;

during the game put on particular music, burn particular fragrance oil in the aroma lamp, or use rare perfume and later repeat, for example, use that music on Your phone as waiting tone;

by the way, feel free to slightly break or tear something up during the game!

A girl was wondering why her husband was so unwilling to repair the bathroom after having passionate sex in it – turned out he didn’t want to wipe off the pleasant memories!!! Let these enticing moments stay part of Your love story for long!

And what matters most!

When You’re playing, keep in mind why You’re doing it in the first place.

It’s about Your creativity, drive, being thrilled and savoring life; it’s this fascinating sensation of anticipating something heartwarming and extraordinary every day.

It’s the wish to see Your loved one smiling and to keep things fun between You for years!!!

I wish You delight and love, endless creativity in all the areas of Your life, and a mind-blowing and happy New Year!!! Enjoy!!!

With love, Your Maria Shitova

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