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The Aroma of Woman

Thatís how Your fairy-tale beginsÖ this training is about You and just for You! Itís the story of getting to know Your body through breathing and movement.

The purpose of the training is to discover a woman within you, not mentally, giving sophisticated definitions, but through the body, through feeling like a woman.

The training results in enhancing orgasmicity, relaxed pelvis, free breath and opening up Your feelings.

At the training weíre targeting what prevents us from rejoining our bodies and makes us live in our heads instead. Through breathing and movement weíre discovering our bodies. Weíre recovering our sensuality and learning to live and feel.

And if You want to learn what happens when the concept of orgasms fades away and youíre not expecting them.

If you want to feel what happens when You are not contracting the muscles trying to impress the man but on the contrary relaxing them.

If you want to experience what sex is like when You are here and nowÖ Youíre just breathing and trusting your body. Youíre not trying to direct the river of feelings, but let it flow freely insteadÖ

let me invite You to an amazing training “The Aroma of Woman”.

Discover Yourself!!!

The training includes:

+ breathing practices;

+ tantra practices;

+ exercises to open the pelvis and hip region;

+ practices for more intricate and profound contact with your body, for feeling Yourself

and lots of marvellous revelations!!!

Make sure to bring comfortable clothing, a mat and a pillow to the training. And for the second day Ė a long beautiful skirt and a mirror that can be set.


Maria, my thanks to you for the sensual training! Three days have passed, and Iím still amazed at the results and changes!

I keep on doing hip relaxing exercises as morning workout. Trigger point massage before sleep makes it easier to get up in the morning and the body is so sensual, enjoyable, and lightÖ The meditation CD is very relaxing and the voice gets so much deeper and sexier afterwards. Absolutely EVERYTHING youíve taught at the training works for me.

I see people around me react, men cannot take their eyes off me and keep on talking about the mysterious gaze, and girlfriends ask me who Iím in love with, why Iím so radiant. And itís ME Iím in love with, again and more that before; itís not the childish kind of love I used to have but the mature, deep, lifelong love.

Iím still recalling you showing how you can simply enjoy your body, being present in your body; I had never seen anything like that before and I didnít know just being yourself can be such a high.

Thank you for the valuable knowledge!!!

Julia, Rostov-Na-Donu


I had never thought simply being yourself could be enjoyable. On your own! You donít need anybody or anything to fall back on! It gives you astounding sensations! Itís so great to enjoy every movement, your clothes touching your body, the food you eat :) when your eyes shine from inside, when you feel like touching yourself Ö tenderlyÖ and lovingly! And receive so much gratitude from the body! And itís essential to stay here-and-now instead of floating away to an unreal although fascinating fantasy world. Even driving a car feels way more enjoyable. I used to like driving, but now itísÖ mmmm delicious!

And finally Iím starting to feel myself independent, not think of myself as such, but feel that Iím great on my own. Ö no sulking, no expectations of other people doing things for me. I enjoy what I get and refuse what I donít like. Because I love my body and I respect its wants now, and it loves me back :)

After this training all the exercises feel like lovemaking! Purrrr! Ö thereís so much pleasure.

Marina, Nizhny Novgorod

Hi! Iíve been giving off The Aroma of Woman since 1-2 February this year, when Maria came to Krasnodar. I decided to take my time giving feedback, although I was overwhelmed with emotions.

I wanted to live, to feel it all outÖ every day is joyful! And Iíd been to loads of trainings, but it wasnít until I went to The Aroma of Woman that I got to feel their effect. And, really, you can skip other workshops and go straight to Mariaís.

Youíll learn The Walk, and your relaxed hip will be on the Caribbean all the time! Your voice will become velvety and sweet! You will have everything))) the most delicious, enticing, and enwrapping!) just like me after The Aroma of Woman training)

Julia, Krasnodar

Maria, thanks a million for The Aroma of Woman training! Itís been amazing, I was crying for almost the whole week afterwards :)) although I used to think I hadnít had any kinds of problems or blockages. But! How exhilarating sex is after the training!!! I had no idea such sensations even exist, and you donít have to do anything to experience them. Itís true that genius lies in simplicity, yet how much it takes to get through to that simplicity! You make magic, really!

Maria, Samara

Every Lady Does THAT

If You have heard about erotic fantasies, games and role plays but donít know where to start...

If You are curious about what sex shops have to offer but have no guts to step inside...

You are in the right place!!!

At the training You will:

> > Learn to talk about sex properly and arouse the man by the sheer sound of Your voice

> > Create Your personal magnet words that will keep the man by Your side for years

> > Learn how to fulfill the manís fantasy of a threesome when thereís just the two of you

> > Master the fabulous technique of deep fellatio

> > Learn how to make anal sex pleasurable

> > Familiarize Yourself with erotic cuisine

Grasp and experience a lot moreÖ

A decent woman should have an exuberant past!!!

The Secrets of Odalisques

An Odalisque is an inhabitant of Eastern harems. A charming odalisque, who had been able to allure the master with her beauty, singing and dancing and, above all, to pamper the sultan, became his wife.

The main weapon in gaining the sultanís attention was by all means possessing womenís sexual skills. A talented odalisque became the only and the favorite one for her master.

And each of us can become such an enchantress, be able to give and take pleasure in love.

“The Secrets of Odalisques” is a training I was dreaming of attending 10 years ago. I was very keen on anything that had to do with unfolding of womenís sexuality, but I had to collect grains of information from various masters.

For some years I had been using the exerciser and even paid a visit to Moscow to Muranivsky Ė the inventor of the exerciser. But thereís a limit to this kind of training Ė what are you supposed to do once youíve trained your muscles?

Thatís how I engrossed myself in Dao techniques, where you strengthen your muscles but also work with energy. And itís not just mechanic training, but an exciting self-growth process. With these practices, you donít run the risk of over-building your muscles.

And most women who train their intimate muscles create chronic spasm in their vagina which only distances them from their sexuality.

Itís essential to keep your muscles toned up, but itís no less important to be able to relax them!!! After a workout in the gym we donít keep our muscles contracted but relax them instead, do we?

A lot of women are deluded into thinking that they should do something with their muscles during sex, contract them and impress the man Ė and the woman ends up being in her head, unable to relax and asking herself “Why is the training ineffective?”

Iíve been through it all myself. And Iíve made up “The Secrets of Odalisques” of the techniques that really work, donít over-build muscles, but enhance sexuality instead.

A lot of women think that it takes years of training to learn to control intimate muscles. In fact, basic movements can be learnt in just...
2 days!!!

Itís perfectly simple!

In two days any one of You will be able to do these exercises and learn how to preserve the energy gained during the practices without dissipating it.

If I had had an opportunity to attend this training 10 years ago, I would have been overjoyed!!!

At the training weíre learning to control our muscles consciously, developing our sensitivity, doing breathing exercises, and meditating.

As a result, the woman is pleased with herself and her life, emotionally calm, full of energy and strength, and confident that she is special.


The Secrets of Odalisques... Itís another training of Mariaís for me. Itís completely different from Every Lady Does THAT. But itís no less amazing.

Here itís all about You. Iíve enjoyed myself fully: the sensation of immense pleasure and bliss from being myself, the waves of warmness and tenderness, mild arousal, grace, elasticity, smoothness, refinement and inner sensation of self-worth and value. Itís been my feeling state since the training. To be honest I was having doubts about going.

I used to work on my muscles and was quite savvy (how this "savviness" stops you sometimes and gets in the way of new experience!). Anyway I decided to go. I was driven by my trust to Maria because I had already been to Every LadyÖ and was familiar with her working style. And again I ended up being happy. Not only did Maria help me expand my knowledge and skills but in some aspects she just reversed my beliefs. Turned out everything is a lot simpler, and whatís more Ė things can be done with more enjoyment, comfort and taste. During class the muscles work and at the same time thereís a powerful energy refill going on. Itís a wonderful feeling state, the state you can and should live in, creating every day of your life and yourself.

Maria shares generously practices for gaining and harmonizing energy. Each one can choose what she likes, and the choice is wide. And another huge advantage Ė Maria shows and tells us how to put it all into practice (with a man) :)

So again Iím feeling loads of sincere gratitude to the Universe for giving me a chance to learn from a wonderful Woman Ė Maria Schitova, and to Maria Ė for her generosity, sensitivity, refinement and magic, enticing space she creates around her, the space where you want to be. Thank you!!! I strongly recommend that you go. Maria really works magic.

Ekaterina, Nizhny Novgorod

Iím just back from the training. Thank you, Maria! Itís been wonderful two days! I had been a little doubtful about the program thinking miracles with intimate muscles are the domain of special women. Turned out Iím special!!!))))) Marvelous body sensations, astounding breath work, and, surely, fascinating Maria. I think every woman should experience it at least once in a lifetime. Thank you everybody!

P. S. The tube is already hanging off a peg in the bathroom)))

Victoria, Tomsk

Maria, I want to thank you for the magic training “The Secrets of Odalisques”.

These practices have been the first-time experience for me.

The training is packed with practical exercises, and everything has its logic, ranging from simple to complex.

Both those who are advanced body-wise and newcomers felt at their ease.

I got answers to a lot of questions: what womenís power is about, how to gain and keep it.

I really like it that practices vary and I can pick what suits me and do it with pleasure at home.

I appreciated beautiful pictures (the image of the Water Goddess with a soft glow mmmmÖ), videos (tricks). And surely you, Maria, so gentle, feminine, expressive, and multifaceted. And your ability to talk with ease and simplicity about intimate matters.

What do I feel? I feel my body, it began breathing. Iím listening to myself. I feel thirst, I want to fill myself up, like a ripe berry.

And in my soul... ohhh, itís fantastic!! Wow! Thatís possible!! Yoo-hoo! and thatís me ))))))))))))))) !!!

Maria, thank you for the secret of Odalisques. Good luck to you in everything! Come to our town. Youíre welcome)

Nadezhda, Omsk

A girlfriend suggested I should go to Mariaís trainings and said firmly it would blow my mind))) I hadnít been anywhere like that before so I was pretty much doubtful but that statement about blowing my mind struck a chord with me) I thought whatever, Iíll give it a go, thereís nothing to lose. Now I thank God, the Universe, my friend and surely you, Maria, for a truly mind-blowing experience))) I had never thought I could "pay money" to fall in love with myself, with my body!) And after the training “Every Lady Does That” it was my husband who had his mind blown))) And as a bonus men around me keep saying nice things to me, which also makes me feel good) Maria, I cannot express how grateful I am for this feeling of love for myself, for my husband, and for the people around me, itís nothing short of magic))) But I think the Universe will take care of paying you back abundantly! Thanks!!!!!!!!

Olesya, Tyumen

You know, itís a mystery play, a journey into ourselves where Maria takes us with every training, with every practice. Itís a big well of wisdom.

Maria takes us there, gives us a big bowl and teaches us how to use it, and we get to know these secrets of existence at our own pace, every time discovering knowledge about ourselves layer by layer; we learn to live in harmony with our nature and be more in touch with it! And after weíve filled up by this well we go create the world around us, giving love and harmonyÖ

Thank you! Ö

Miroslava, Tyumen

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