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Interview To “The Sunny Pregnancy” School

Maria Shitova

1. Maria, I heard your childbirth was easy and virtually non-painful. What helped it, as you see it?

Yes, itís true. I gave birth rapidly literally in two hours. No anesthetic, nothing, not a single scream. The doctor was then telling stories about it all around the hospital!

What helped?

First, the right frame of mind. In the preparatory young mothers course we had a very experienced instructor lady. She explained that labor is a process for the two, not just for the mother.

She said the moment you feel it all started sit somewhere quiet, hug your belly and talk to the baby.

Tell him you are with him and youíre waiting for him and everything is going to be fine, youíll make it through together and youíll help him. And when the labor started thatís what I did and felt huge responsibility for the baby.

Second, weíve also been taught the right kind of breathing at the hospital: breathe in through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth, and the more intense the strain, the faster and more active the breath. The breath either helps or distracts from painful sensations but I know it for a fact that it makes it easier.

Third, physical activity. Both before and after pregnancy I was moving and dancing a lot, up until the sixth month kept on going to the sports club.

And in the last months of pregnancy I did a great deal of stretching the inner surface of the hips and opening the pelvis Ė I was walking squatting, washed the floors in that position, and I did that instinctively to find out later thatís whatís needed.

Fourth, I think, itís hereditary Ė my mother also had me instantly and from the childhood kept talking to me about it, setting a program for me so I had no other options :-)

And surely having a home birth provided lots of support Ė my husband and my Mom were by my side to encourage me :-)

And I enjoyed it so much that the moment I had the baby I said I would be happy to do it again!!! And everybody around me was dumbfounded :-)

2. What do you think moms-to-be need to take care of when preparing for the labor?

If we sum up whatís been said itís physical activity that helps (itís important to keep on doing what you had been doing before pregnancy gently and with common sense, extra exercise and practices arenít needed during pregnancy).

Move, dance, and walk more.

The right kind of breathing during strains helps, it really is worth learning.

Set up your mind to support the baby and connect with him.

Watching videos of the babyís life in the womb and the process of birth helps, it brings about more understanding and less unexpected things. And, surely, total and unconditional trust to the doctor!!!

In “The Happy Pregnancy” course youíre teaching a class “Seductive Mother”. Whatís it about?

This class is about how to become more attractive for the husband after labor: how to normalize intimate muscles, how you can pamper the man until the doctor allows having sex, how to keep the manís sexual interest in you, and, whatís most important, how to go on taking pleasure yourself.

Hereís the key secret of experienced mothers: a satisfied mother has a satisfied baby, a well-rested mother has a well-rested baby, and A HAPPY MOTHER HAS A HAPPY BABY!!!

I wish easy and pleasant labor to all the moms-to-be, as well as fast recovery, healthy babies and loving, caring husbands!!! And welcome to my classes!!!

Interview on Femininity and... Seduction

Maria Shitova

- Hi Maria! What are your impressions of Omsk? How have Omsk women welcomed you?

- My impressions are wonderful. I liked both the city and women. Iíve noticed that in some cities women ask a lot of questions during trainings, while in others they listen quietly and ask no questions at all.

In Omsk Iíve seen the golden middle Ė women were listening very attentively, and then asked significant and thoughtful questions. I liked that. The audience is very grateful Ė it makes me want to share my knowledge again and again!

- What are your emotions after four days of non-stop work? (Trainings were held on 16-19 August).

- Iíve been working at this pace for quite long, so Iím good at restoring my energy. And my emotions are positive! By the way, I flew to Omsk straight from Switzerland, from the tantric group of Diana Richardson, so I shared this amazing energy generously with Omsk girls!

- For those who couldnít come to the trainings, tell us what are the main secrets of seducing men?

- Thereíre plenty of secrets of seduction, but they all amount to nothing if a woman has not entered the right state. Men perceive the state, not the technique. What kind of a state am I talking about? Itís a state of a woman aroused. And all the seduction techniques just help to communicate it gracefully, but everything starts from the state.

How do you enter this state? You canít do it through your head, but simply Ė through your body.
First, start breathing through your mouth Ė it will draw a lot of energy and immediately bring you back into your body.
Second, start moving slightly, as if dancing.
Third Ė touch yourself, as if stroking. You can do it very delicately, and it will look naturally.
Fourth Ė slow down. If you want to add a note of sex Ė do everything slowly, take your time, as if you donít want to miss a second of pleasure, savouring the world around you.

And communicate to the man the sensation that you desire him but donít want to show it outright. As if you take a step forward, and then two steps back, reach out to him Ė then get embarrassed by your own boldness and step back.

- How can you seduce a man just by looking at him?

- Seductive gazes vary a lot. For example, you can look a man straight into the eyes and tell to yourself distinctly: “You are mine”. That will set your unconscious for behaving as if this man is yours.

I really love the "magnetic" gaze: you are gazing into a manís eyes for three seconds, then counting 4-5-6-7 start turning your head but keep your eyes "glued" to the manís eyes. Like a huge fish, you hook the man with your tail.

Here itís imperative to be relaxed and breathe, let yourself take all the time. And itís important to give the man a few minutes to recover himself. After this gaze the man will definitely approach you. And if he doesnít Ė heís not the right kind of man for you!

- What matters when you attract a man, apart from exterior entourage? Whatís the role of the voice, intonations, or gestures?

- The voice plays a major role. It has to create an illusion of a post-orgasmic woman Ė that is, a little lower than usual and husky. And keep in mind the importance of breathing Ė thatís our energy, and just by taking the right breath near the man you can include him into your space.

What do I mean by the right kind of breath? With your mouth open, hardly heard and deep. And in general, breathe, donít freeze, when you are around men!

Itís very important to slow down, not to jabber. When a woman talks fast, the man wants to run away from her with the same speed. And when a woman slows down, it seems like she has already said everything, but the man is still around, waiting for something...

Gestures should be smooth, as if weíre penetrating through water. There should be a sensation as if weíve just woken up, and a day-off full of pleasure and delight is ahead of us. Like a languid, lazy cat.

- How can women retrieve the ability to enjoy themselves, their bodies and give this pleasure to the man?

- To bring this ability back to a woman is to teach her feel her body first. Start with simple things? Give yourself a massage to pamper your body, and take the whole hour for a start, not just 5 minutes. Put on pleasant music, apply some aroma oil and take pleasure in kneading each bone, each muscle. If you know your body, youíll be able to give pleasure to the man.

One of the best tantra teachers in the world Diana Richardson said at a training once: “I have a right to sit here in front of you, because I used to massage myself for hours, 5-6 hours”.

Second, to bring back the ability to enjoy herself is to teach her to breathe. To breathe through the mouth, deeply, listening to her breath. Every great lover knows Ė to get back into your body and out of your head you need to start breathing through your mouth.

Third, itís important to teach the woman to relax, to relax her body, intimate muscles, belly, rather than being tense all the time, trying to push the belly in, tightening the intimate muscles, closing the mouth. True pleasure emerges out of relaxation.

And only when the woman can give pleasure to herself, when she knows her body, loves it literally, not just verbally, she will give her man bliss with ease. It will surround her and go over the rim.

- Iíve read that feminine clothing items (a dress, long skirts) have a positive impact on female energies. Is it true?

- Sure it is. The energy from the earth rises upwards freely. But I never talk women into wearing skirts, just suggest they breathe with the belly Ė and skirts appear spontaneously!

- How can you develop your feminine nature?

- The secret of femininity is very simple Ė try feeling your body. Itís feminine in itself, and it is just waiting for you to come back. And developing femininity is about making friends with your body more and more. It really appreciates attention and starts changing at any age when it gets love. The body knows no yesterday or tomorrow. Give it a treat today!

I wish you to fall in love with yourself and take good care of yourself, I wish you to become a skillful seductress and enjoy this game! And I heartily wish you true womenís happiness!

Secrets of Seduction Revealed by Maria Shitova

Maria Shitova Answers Questions

Maria Shitova

- Maria, tell us what has encouraged you to explore feminine nature? Where did it all start?

- I got interested in seduction and feminine magic when still in high school, and studied different techniques and practices. But everything changed during pregnancy.

I took a course in motherhood and met a woman who was experienced in femininity and motherhood.

I had been taking this course for a few months and ended up feeling like an experienced Mum with ten kids. Then I had a daughter and had no questions about what to do and how!

She also shared lots of things as an experienced woman. It was at that time that I first heard about the intimate muscles and that you need to work on them. Iím very grateful to this woman!

Right after childbirth I got into feminine practices, feminine energy work. Everything in the Universe is for a reason; it turned out I live next to the Private Life Academy of Larisa Renar.

And when my daughter was very little, I was studying at the Academy. Iíve taken all the courses and attended all the workshops. And I got so indulged in it that I kept on learning from the people who taught the trainers of the Academy. I was virtually obsessed with studying for four years and went to trainings every weekend.

And then I met with Larisa Renar again. We talked, I shared with her what I had learned, and then Larisa said: “You know too much, stay”. And from then on I started teaching at the Academy.

At university I majored in teaching linguistics and philology. First I did two jobs. But then I got so absorbed in my hobby that it turned into occupation.

For four years I was teaching at Larisa Renarís all the techniques related to developing feminine sexuality and kept on studying.

- How did you decide to start teaching on your own?

- First, it was scary. I was thinking we were such a good team, everybody supported each other. But I got that feeling and made up my mind.

In last two years I was teacher of the year at the Academy. I couldnít go any higher! And Iím the kind of person who moves forward all the time, wants something new.

- What else do you take interest in apart from trainings?

- Now trainings are my life! I either give trainings, or learn - thatís what I do in life. Iíve become more proficient and travel abroad to get new knowledge: to Italy, the USA.

I used to take 5-day trainings, but now they last for a month or two. So I plan in advance when and where I will go.

And my trainings change all the time, as I keep learning new stuff and updating them.

Thatís what life is about: learning and sharing new knowledge!

- And how do your trainings go?

- They go differently. The training called "Every Lady Does That" is more like a gift to men, because thatís where women answer the question: “How to treat men?”, although they donít forget about themselves either.

The training includes a lot of practical exercises and fascinating theory. Itís also exciting because you can try out this information the same evening and start changing.

"The Secrets of Odalisques" training is meant for developing intimate muscles. Itís 100 per cent body-oriented, weíre working on the muscles, and women try certain movements at the training.

A workshop "I Am Your Sweet Dream" will be held in Omsk. It will uncover the secrets of working with your manís energy from a distance, transmitting information when you are far apart, filling him with energy and arousing him so that he will come home not tired but empowered.

- Maria, what would you recommend to girls who want to learn feminine secrets and become incredibly feminine?

- Pay more attention to your breathing and body relaxation. You can try to sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and breathe through your mouth for a few minutes, in a very relaxed and gentle manner. And watch the sensations in your body, which come up along with the breath.

I always tell girls that there is nothing else to learn Ė just start breathing through your mouth when youíre making love, listen to your breath Ė and see what happens!!!

With Love, Your Maria Shitova

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